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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Updates & News

a photo of the bottom of a cat's paw

Hello to all my fellow cat lovers and lovers of stories about cats. I know it has been a long time since I posted on this blog. No, I hadn't forgotten about it, I was just at a loss of what type of content I wanted to place here while waiting for the editing and re-writing phase to transpire on Tales of The Cat's Eye Gang.

I suffered a stretch of Depression that made it hard for me to get out of bed let alone touch any of my work. Tales sat in a pile of "To Be Dones" for so long that when I did finally get around to opening it dust flew causing me to sneeze. Yeah, I didn't feel like cleaning either. Just as I began to find some energy and interest in life again I suffered a setback in the form of losing my Mom just days after Thanksgiving. In fact, I lost her the day before her 75th birthday. That threw me for a loop. I thought I had prepared myself for her loss but I was nowhere near it. 

I thought I had finally made my peace and then Mother's Day arrived. As the decorations and commercials began I found myself thinking about her daily. I had realized a couple months before that I hadn't even cried for her. I still didn't cry until a couple of days ago.  I am finding that her passing is going to be different from what I felt at the loss of my Dad and Grandmother. I had so many more emotions involved when it came to accepting her death. Every day has been a new rush of broken, hurt feelings sneaking out from under my proverbial closets door.  

Instead of working on editing and then the re-write that I know is on its way, my days have been spent writing about my Mom and those feelings. Just remember I haven't forgotten you, my trusty readers. I have decided to post photos of the cats that gave creation to my book and some other cat memes, jokes, and other stuff I have found around the web. I hope they lift your spirits as they have mine.  The opening picture is of Miss CeCe's paw. I think she has the cutest tootsie's around and just had to take some pictures.  

a tabby cat trimming her back claws.
CeCe performing her own pedicure.
And just for kicks.

A tabby cat lying beside a set of car keys.
Daring me to take my car keys.

And as you can see I always have a black cat near me even when I drive. You can actually see the pile that I spoke of earlier in the background. Funny how those piles seem to grow. Every time I get to the bottom, it regrows overnight.

I hope that you enjoy these photos of our Queen of Mithral. If you are new to the page please feel free to check out the previous posts for the full un-edited first draft of Tales of The Cat's Eye Gang. I hope you have patience as I begin working again. There will be no scheduled posts, so to be informed when I post please feel free to subscribe or join my mailing list. Until next time.