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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Epilogue- The Triad Prophecy

The stone had returned to its normal non-glowing form and the newlings had drifted off to sleep. It took a moment for the gang to understand what had just happened. “We have been searching for a set of kits this whole time. How are we supposed to walk into the court of the Queen of Cameria and tell her that?” Bo asked as he paced around the great hall. After the stone had revealed the Triad, it had been decided it was time to leave the dead female and get away from that room fast.

“I have known Lilith my whole life, but she is not going to like this turn of events. And when I break the news to her that I am now the consort to the Queen of Mithral and everything that has happened…” Dominic handed his big brother a cup of water. Bo took a sip and finished “…I think I need to sit down.”

“You can tell your Queen nothing. You must disappear. Leave the world wondering at the mystery of what may have happened here today. The lives you have led have been training to hide the Triad. They will need to be trained and protected.” Shénmei stood in the same spot he had stood so much earlier in the day. “No one can know what the Triad is. They are powerful alone but as they grow older their powers combined will be a force to be reckoned with. They each represent the power of the Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter. Raise them to respect all life.”

Shenmei had come into the room and was looking down at the sleeping kits. “They are not Felis. They are something new. You will face challenges in their upbringing, but I have faith in all of you.” He reached out his hand to Bo. “And if you truly need something to present Queen Lilith, send your friend who waits outside the fortress walls with this.” He handed Bo a rolled-up piece of parchment. The smell of old ink and time whispered up from the exchange.

Bo looked at him with a puzzled frown, “Master?” He unrolled the ancient scroll and began to read it. The sound of Dominic clearing his voice made him aware that everybody wanted to know what it said. He chuckled and shook his head. Once everyone was gathered close he began to read what it said out loud.

                                            The Triad Prophecy.

                                 In darkest night, during the waning moon.
                                 Three stars shine brightly as the morning sun.

                                 In darkness deep, labor begins to bring forth
                                 Destiny in Triad form.

                                 As three as bright as morning sun, finally
                                 Come together to become one.

                                 Then one becomes three and Triad are born.

                                 Three parts of one whole, separate, yet linked.
                                 In strife, beware the power of three.

                                 To the darkness or the light will the three lean.
                                 Questions circle round; as the sounds of time flow away.

                                 A choice to make, a decision thrice made.
                                 One way leads to Glory, the other to Doom.

While the gang had been learning the prophecy, Shénmei had not been idle. He had clothed the kits in special outfits befitting the day of their birth. Small jeweled had been sewn into the embroidery on the tunics that the males wore and was copied on the female’s dress. He tucked them warmly under their blankets. They in response were cooing up at him. He looked up when he heard Bo finish the prophecy.

“You need to decide what you wish to do with that. You have a long journey ahead too many know where you are now. I will open a portal and send you somewhere safe to protect you and the young ones. Remember to stay hidden until they have learned some control. They are too vulnerable right now.” He moved away from the newlings and began the incantation to form the portal.

Bo rolled the prophecy back up and looked at the others.  “What do you think? Give this to Nilla and her band, let them have the credit for finding it. I think that would be the best. We know what it says, and this gives the prophecy to the world. Remember, someone wanted to keep it hidden.” He waited for the gang’s answer. They gave it to him by turning and heading over to the basket that held their future. He shook his head in agreement and ran out to tell the band of thieves the news.

The portal was open and Neko waited for him until he came back inside. “Is it done?” he asked. Bo closed his cloak tighter around himself and nodded. “You go on. I will take up the rear.” He didn’t give Bo a chance to say no but pushed him into the rotating, shifting energy.
He turned to Shénmei, “will we see you again, master?” he said softly to the ancient Felis.

Shénmei studied the young Pantheri prince and thought of the road he was about to walk down. “I cannot say for sure, but rest assured, my prince, I will not leave you without guidance. Now hurry. My strength wavers.” Neko rested his hand on the mystic’s frail shoulder before turning towards the portal. He headed towards it wondering what the future held in store for all the members of The Cat’s Eye Gang. The portal closed.

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