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Friday, January 26, 2018

One Step Closer

picture of a fantasy cat creature

“The time draws near, make haste.” The sentence kept echoing in Donny’s mind as he crossed the threshold of the fortress. He cringed, waiting for something evil to reach out and grab him. When nothing happened, he let out the breath he had been holding. The repeated litany of the voice in his head urged him further towards the great doors that opened into the castle. He looked up at the size wondering why they made such big doors on castles if they wanted to keep people out.

Looking back towards the gate, he saw that the group was all standing there like they were waiting for something to grab him or whatever. Shaking his head, he motioned that he was okay before shouting the same. “Come on in, it is all clear!” he yelled. He thought about acting like he was being attacked but feared what the others would do. Now wasn’t the time to play jokes. He felt the urging of the staff to enter the castle, but he wanted the others with him when that happened.

He turned back towards the castle as he waited for the others. “The time draws near, make haste.” The voices whispered. Donny wished he could shake the litany that was beginning to get on his nerves.

“I don’t know what needs to be done in such a hurry. The Triad will still be here no matter how fast we find it. So, let up on my poor ears, old dudes.” He figured if they could talk to him, he might as well talk back to them. It couldn’t hurt.

Bo saw Donny motion that all was clear, but he still was leery about entering the place that had killed his father.
“Come on, let’s get this over with. I want to see what it is that we have been searching for.” Neko interjected as he walked past Bo. “If it bothers you this much, why don’t you stay out here and guard the gate.”

Bo leveled a glare at Neko’s back as he walked through the gates. “And let you have all the fun? Not likely. I began this quest and I will finish it. I just needed a moment.”

“Yeah, yeah, move it or lose it, big brother. I am ready to get inside and do some exploring. Stop blocking the way.” Dominic said as he shoved him a bit to the left as he followed Neko. “Are you coming, guys?” He called back to the others.
a picture of a fortress gate.

Zirede glanced toward where Rauwyn had been standing with the queen. He didn’t see her so made his way to where CeCe stood. “Are you going in soon, my queen?” he questioned her. “Where did my mate disappear too?”

CeCe startled at the graveled voice of the large male. “I wish you would just call me CeCe. I don’t feel much like a queen wearing the same clothes I’ve had on for a couple of days, not to mention the dirt and grime that must be covering me.” She stopped to look around. “Your mate was just here with me, but I don’t know where she went.”

Zirede cursed under his breath, “I feared this would happen. She has gone off by herself to keep Amerak from locating the rest of us. She fears her blood bond with her sister will endanger all of us.” He swept his gaze around the area trying to see which way she might have gone. He studied the ground hoping to see some sign of her passage.

“Diewen, get your rear over here!” Zirede yelled.  Diewen had just reached the threshold of the fortress when he heard his name. Lifting his hand, he motioned that he had heard. He started sprinting back towards the black and white-furred male.

“What’s up, boss?” Diewen asked as he ran up beside Zirede. He glanced down at the footprints left in the slowly melting snow. “She did it, didn’t she? She is trying to protect all of us. As if it wouldn’t be apparent to the old bastard where we are.”

Zirede looked at the wiry Felis before admitting, “Yeah, I think she is still not completely back from her illness. She isn’t thinking straight. We need to find her before she gets hurt.” He motioned for Diewen to follow as he started following his mate’s footsteps before they were lost in the slush of the sun warmed snow.

The rest of the gang had joined Donny inside the grounds of the fortress. CeCe glanced back at where the two thieves were moving away following what must be Rauwyn’s trail. “Should we wait for the others to join us?” She asked the gathered group.

Bo looked back in the direction that CeCe was looking and shook his head no. “They know where we are, I am sure they will rejoin us soon. The female couldn’t have gotten far in her weakened state.”

What no one had thought about was that while treating Rauwyn’s injuries some of her blood had gotten on CeCe’s boots. With Rauwyn’s injuries healed, the freshest blood was on CeCe. Especially after Rauwyn was changed into a clean outfit not covered in blood and infection. Bloodstone magic was inconsistent and so even though Rauwyn was alive, the stone would zero in on the freshest scent. None of the group was prepared when a portal began to form not far from where they stood.

They all watched in astonishment as the portal kept growing bigger. Some of them had never seen a portal so big. There were two that had and after a moments startle, they looked at each other and at the same time yelled “Battle portal!! Take cover! Arm yourselves.” As they each bolted away to take cover where they could.

At Bo and Azereus’ shout, the rest of the group moved quickly to find their own place of cover from the portal which had solidified enough for the first invaders to cross into the courtyard of the ancient fortress. At the sounds of armored troops Zirede, Diewen and Rauwyn came running. All Rauwyn kept thinking was how had they appeared so close to the main group.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Time Flies

Many different clocks

I find it amazing how fast time flies these days. It is like 2017 just started and now here we are a new year and what a year is in store for me as well as for my readers. We will be finishing my manuscript of The Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang in the coming months and I will begin writing a sister piece to giveaway. Great things are planned for 2018, and I hope you follow me on my way to completing my first book.

Today I wanted to just let all of my readers know that there will be a new installment to The Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang coming on Friday, January 26,2018. I am sorry for being away from posting and I hope the continuation of my manuscript posts will make up for the lost time.

We are entering the final stage of the story. Soon we shall see what the gang has been searching for and then what? Will they decide to become the guardians of the Triad or will they choose to return to their old lives in Cat’s Eye? You will have to keep reading to find out these answers.

I have begun the thought dumping and planning process for the next story. It is how Bo and CeCe met and what happened to draw them together. This will be a short story and will be available to all who subscribe to my mailing list. More information will be posted when the time comes.

As I work on completing my first draft of Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang, I hope you choose to continue with me on my journey. Until Friday, love fully and laugh often.