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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Naming Game & Writer's Block

You might have noticed that the blog came to a screeching halt. Well, it's a fun story about what happened. I went to update my computer with the latest Windows 10 update and guess what? My computer didn’t care for it and in response shut down and wouldn’t boot back up. I guess I had been working it too hard and it took that moment to declare it was on vacation. I took it to the computer store and asked the guru to help my little old computer to remember that I really need it and to come back from its vacation. He said he would take a look and let me know what he found.

As anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer doing work and pleasure, it was very hard to turn around and walk out the door knowing that there would be an empty spot on my desk for a few weeks. You’re probably wondering why it would take so long to get my computer back and that is an easy question to answer. I get paid once a month and my computer decided to take its mini vacation in the middle of the month when I have little to no money. So it would have to wait until my payday before it could come home. Inconsiderate computer.

I was able to rescue it a few days before my payday because my super fantastic brother went and paid to get it out on early release. You just have to love brothers who adore their only sister. By the way, if I didn’t say thank you, dude. Here I am saying it. Thank you bunches, Ken. You're one of the best brother’s in the whole world. I love you bunches.

I had my computer back and I sat down at my desk and suffer what all writer’s fear. Yes, writer’s block. My muse decided since my computer got to have a vacation maybe it should too. I sat staring at the blank screen and nothing flowed. I tried to force it and only ended up hitting the back space key again and again. I decided to try work on another project that I had dreamed up a few months before. Still, no creative juices stirring. I sat back in my chair, thinking of what I could write about but my brain kept coming up against blank walls, that no amount of thinking made them light up with the colors of great ideas. I knew then that I shouldn’t fight it, but to step away from my computer and my desk and instead work on an entirely new project. Rejuvenating some furniture and building new storage space to hold all of my notebooks, files and such.

So here I sit today finally writing while I wait for paint to dry. I am hoping the second coat is enough because if it is I can start the process of putting everything back together. Sometimes you just need to step away from one type of project and do something totally different. I am at this moment sitting here typing with a black blob of paint on my left shoulder, another on the top of my foot, and a check in the mirror informs me that I have a black streak across my forehead. Talk about getting into your work. I found that by using my mind to create something new out of the old, that my muse’s curiosity got the better of them and I started working on my book while painting. Now I just need to sit down and write what I’ve come up with.

I will have a new installment for The Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang next Friday. Oh, by the way, you might have noticed the name change of the blog and the book. As I am getting close to completing the first draft I thought to Google my title. Guess what I found? My title had already used. Another series has the title of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, and so that left me trying to find a new name. I thought up a few and asked my readers on each of my social media platforms which they liked best. At the same time, I googled each to see if they had been taken. The votes matched what I found. My readers liked The Tales of The Cat’s Eye Gang and nothing came back in my search of that title. So that is the story behind the name change.

Well, I need to go check the paint and see if it’s dry. I hope to see you back next Friday to see what has happened in the world of The Cat’s Eye Gang. Until then love fully and laugh often.

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