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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Zirede tightened his hold on the struggling female. He let out a muffled grunt when she kicked back her head catching him in the chin. As he let out a curse, she took that moment to bite down on the pad of his hand. He pulled his hand away from her mouth, and she opened her mouth to scream again. Diewen had entered from the portal and Zirede shoved her into his arms. “Take the little hell-cat”, he said thrusting her toward the surprised male.

Diewen restrained CeCe with a swift club to the head, dazing her. He watched as Zirede looked down at his paw, where blood was welling from the bite. “Hellcat indeed. Are you okay? Watch out! The others are coming through.” The two males moved away from the portal as the rest of the crew came through. Diewen looked down at the dainty female and couldn’t help the smile from forming at the thought of her getting the better of Zirede.

Nilla stepped through the portal assisting Rauwyn to walk. Rauwyn stumbled as they fully entered the cave. Nilla didn’t catch her quick enough and Rauwyn fell to the cave floor. Zirede rushed towards his mate, just as Bumbles stepped through closing the portal behind him. He turned from the portal to see the female held in Diewen’s arms start to stir. “She is coming around, Diewen, be careful.”

CeCe came around her head fuzzy from where the small Rex had hit her. Her first sight was the female falling as she entered the cave. She watched as fresh blood quickly soaked through the bandage around her waist. She shouldn’t have cared if the female died or not but she felt the irresistible urge to aid the fallen Felis. She resumed her struggles feeling if she could just break free and get away from the female, the urge would pass. The one who held her was small but wiry and she thought of her draining power. She grabbed his arm and concentrated on weakening him just enough to break away. She knew the moment it began to work as she felt his hold on her lesson.

She shook herself free from his hold and tried to head toward the mouth of the cave but instead, she found herself walking toward the injured female. If she was surprised that said nothing of what her attackers were feeling. She knelt next to the pretty, but haggard looking female. “Let me help. I am a healer.” She said as she reached to uncover the weeping wound. The big male she had bitten tried to get between them, but she simply reached out and used him for energy. He stopped and landed on his rear end. “I need your energy to heal her. Please, I will not hurt her.” She waited for him to move away before bending back to the female.

Zirede watched the captive closely as she went about removing the bandage over Rauwyn’s wound. He still couldn’t believe how tired he felt from her simply touching him. He hated to think what she could have done if she had wanted to kill him. He looked up to see the same confused look on the others faces as he was sure he wore. “Why are you helping her? This won’t change what we came here to do. In fact, it was one of your friends that caused her the injury. I will have my blood price for the injury to my mate.” He drew back as the captive looked up at him, she had tears in her eyes. What caught his attention the most though was that her eyes were glowing.

Diewen stood to the side of the little she-cat. Something about the way she tilted her head as she studied Rauwyn’s wound sparked a long-lost memory. He knew her from somewhere. He moved around to stand beside Nilla, who was watching the healer intently. He heard her draw in a loud breath as the healer’s hands began to glow where they lay against Rauwyn’s wounds. When she looked up at Zirede he noticed her eyes held the same glow.

“Do you see what I see?” Diewen asked Nilla. He glanced towards his friend and found his answer by the startled look on her face. Nilla must have finally comprehended that he had spoken because she nodded her head in assent. “Have you ever seen anything like that before?” He asked again and this time she shook her no. Out of questions, he glanced back at the healer. When she seemed to melt before him, he rushed forward without thinking. It was Nilla’s hand on his arm that kept him from falling over Rauwyn’s sprawled legs.

The healer raised her head a bit to see what he had done, and that is when he knew why she looked so familiar. He had been just a kit when his mother had worked in the castle of the Mithralian queen. He remembered the young princess often coming out into the kitchen gardens where he and the other children of the servants played. She was older now but he would bet all his ill-gotten gains that this was the same girl. He stepped around Rauwyn and Zirede to lean down beside the weakened healer. In a low voice, he asked her.  “Are you Princess Cecilia of Mithral?” He didn’t get his answer because at that moment all hell broke loose as Bo and the rest of the gang entered the cave.

In a leap, Neko landed to knock the male away from his sister. “Get your paws off my sister!!” he growled. He caught CeCe has she slipped from the arms of the intruder. He wrapped her in his embrace, shielding her from the strangers. Bo had by this time joined Neko and stopped to fully take in the scene they had interrupted. He was as upset that the little male had been touching his mate, but he also saw that the intruders had a member injured. He watched as the rest of the gang took up positions against the intruding group.

“What is going on?”, he asked. The tension in the cave was thick, He took a deep breath trying to breathe in but found it difficult from the stiffness of his muscles. “Why have attacked my mate? Who sent you? I think it is time for answers.” Bo grabbed the Rex and shook him. He had to give the small male some credit as he fought against his restraining hands. “Hold still, you wiggling wastrel. I won’t hurt you…yet. I want answers first.” He shook the male again for good measure while studying the female lying on the floor.

Zirede growled as he spied Bo’s attention to his mate. “You say the healer is your mate, well this is my mate.” Here he brushed his hand down Rauwyn’s cheek, taking note that her fever was gone. “It was one of you that injured her. I came to collect a blood debt from her assailant. As for the group, we have been sent to end your quest by our master.” As Zirede explained this his eyes were on the dark male holding the healer. “I will have your head if my mate dies. Be warned dark demon.”

Zirede glared at the one who had almost cost him his life and was startled when he heard a sound. “I will live, my love,” Rauwyn said her voice raspy from lack of use. “I feel stronger with each passing moment, and if you just look at my wound, you will see it has faded as if never there.” She emphasized her words by pulling the bandage that had covered her ravaged side. The fur lay undisturbed as if the male’s claws had never touched her. “My worry now is the healer. Is she okay?”

All eyes turned toward Neko and CeCe. Bo bent to kiss her forehead and took note to her breathing. A soft snore was his answer. “She is asleep. That, unfortunately, is one of the costs of her gift, it depletes her energy. She usually will draw from someone before attempting to do it. I wonder why she didn’t this time?” He looked back over to the striped female who was trying to sit up despite her mate’s insistence that she get some rest.

Zirede gave up the battle and helped Rauwyn sit up. Bumbles brought her something to lean back on, Azereus doggedly following him. “She did say something about that when she touched me right before you came in. I felt like she was sucking the life out of me. When she let go I started feeling better. Why would she offer to heal her enemy?” he asked. He fell back on his bottom so that he could sit bedside Rauwyn. He pulled her close as he felt like he needed to keep touching her to make sure she really was better.

Neko hadn’t noticed that CeCe was awake until she spoke. “I felt drawn to her. Believe me, I fought the urge but my gift is stronger than me. I am still learning how to control it. For some reason, I feel like I was meant to heal her.” She batted both Bo and Neko’s hands away as she fought to rise. “Get off me, you are pissing me. I want to get up. Come on guys.” She said in exasperation. Finally, she broke free and moved to where Rauwyn was sitting. “I stopped pulling energy from you because it was hurting her, due to your mating. I was pulling her energy too. So, I chose to use my own to complete the work.” She took Rauwyn’s hand, “How are you feeling?” she inquired of the pretty female.

While the others had been talking Diewen continued to study CeCe. He was certain that she was the same female he had known at the castle. “You are her!” he said excitedly. “You’re the princess. I knew you when you were little, but you are her.” He suddenly dropped to his knee, bowing low. “You are no longer the princess though. You are my Queen. I swear my service to you.” He said to the astonished crowd. “I am Diewen, my mother worked as a cook in the royal kitchen. We played together as kits.”

CeCe studied the young Rex before her. He did seem familiar, as he spoke she flashed back to playing in the kitchen garden with the servant’s children. Those had been some of her happiest moments. “Please stop bowing, and rise. I remember you a bit. It has been a long time and a lot has happened since those days playing in the gardens. I am just CeCe, I am the queen of nothing. My home is gone.” She said sadly.

While she had been talking she noticed the other intruders bowing as well. She startled when she felt Rauwyn’s hand touch her own. “It matters not if there is a city. Our Queen is more than the city that she rules. You are Queen of the Mithralian people, not the building we dwell within. You do have a home, and people who are loyal to your line.” As she finished Rauwyn inclined her head to CeCe. “You are my Queen.”

In that moment CeCe felt the full weight of her royal blood, she had her people still. Mithral was still alive, the enemy hadn’t beaten them. “Thank you. I will try to be a good queen, but I’m not even sure how to do that. Never have I missed my mother more than at this moment.” Her voice broke a little as a tear made its way down her cheek. “I am overwhelmed, to say the least. Now please tell me, who sent you to end our quest?” She looked around at the faces of her new subjects. It was the one who resembled her patient that finally spoke. The name that Nilla spoke, awoke a fear in CeCe as she heard the name of the one who had destroyed her world.

“His name is Amerak. He is our master. He has sworn to find the Triad and he will kill anyone who stands in his way. I have seen firsthand what he does to those who try to fight him.” Nilla’s found her voice a bit gruff as she thought of the little apprentice’s crumpled body. “If you seek the same prize, then be warned. Even if we break off our pursuit, others will follow.” Suddenly the cave seemed to be just a bit too crowded as the full weight of what she said was heard. A feeling of doom permeated the huge cavern.

(I apologize for not getting the post out on Friday as it should have. Unforeseen technical issues delayed it.Thanks for being patient.)

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