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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On Track

 I wanted to do a midweek post to let you know that as I stated in mid-April, I would be continuing the adventure of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles on Friday, May 12, 2017. I have been putting up installments of the book each day on my new Author’s page on Word Press. Yesterday was the last one. My readers on all three blogs are all on the same page so to speak.

Now comes some questions from me to you my loyal readers. Just to get your input in the next few chapters. See if you are getting involved in this world I am creating. Now that Donny has his
Specter’s Staff, do you think the others will find their own weapons of power?

What do you think will be Dominic’s weapon, or Neko’s? Do you think Bo and Azereus will get weapons as well? This leads us to other questions. Ones that I would love to hear your opinion on. I would love for you to leave me your answers in the comments.

What about the romance between Bo and CeCe. Did you want it to happen? Did you know it was going to happen? Do you think it will last, or do you think the unknown future will rip them apart?

What of the quest that is at the very heart of the book. What do you think the Triad is? Do you think it will harm the gang? Will it change them? What will happen if Amerak finds it before the gang? Will he enslave all of Cameria or destroy it? These were the questions I sat up late at night asking myself when I was creating this world. I just want to know if I was asking the right ones.

Now I ask of you these questions.Please feel free to give me your opinion. If you don’t wish to put them in the comment section, feel free to send me a direct message on any of my social platforms.

 Are you ready to enter the final chapters? Are you ready to find out where the quest for the Triad has led our beloved gang? Then you will definitely want to tune in each Friday to read the book as I finish the first draft of  Book One in my series taking you into The Cat’s Eye Chronicles.

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