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Saturday, May 27, 2017


picture owned by Bubblewolf.deviantart.com

I just wanted to post an update to let you know that due to health and family issues there will not be any installments posted to The Cat's Eye Chronicles until June 9, 2017.

We are nearing the end of this adventure and I want the next installments to post on time, I prefer not to leave my audience waiting, not knowing what is about to happen. A little suspense is nice but too long and you stop caring. So bear with me folks, and we will be moving towards the exciting conclusion soon. Until then remember to love fully and laugh often.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Death's Whisper

My apologies for this post being a couple days late. I had a health issue which placed me in the hospital for a few days, and I just was able to finish getting this sent out. I hope you enjoy.

It was late in the afternoon as the guys walked through the market. The pungent aromas of spices from faraway lands mixed with the day's catch of fish. The bright colors of tropical fruits vied for supremacy over the fine silks and woven tapestries. The myriad sounds of so many voices combined into a constant hum. Neko had always been enthralled by the fact that so many different people could come together to barter or sell their goods. He stopped at a nearby vendor hawking his meat pies.

He lifted two fingers to indicate how many he wanted, and as he and Dom waited to be served he couldn’t help from observing Dom’s reticence. “What has you so quiet? You just don’t seem yourself. Not since we fought off those thugs. What’s going on?” He reached to take a pie from the vendor before handing it to Dominic. 

Dominic took the offering from Neko and has he worked the parchment paper that was wrapped around it away, he glanced into the distance towards the inn where they were staying. “I don’t know how to explain it. You know how Donny and I have always had this connection. A mind to mind link, if you will. It’s gone. For the first time in my life, I feel alone. No matter where I have been, I have always felt my twin. When I awoke and found him gone, he was truly gone.”

Neko had taken his meat filled pastry and flipped a couple coins toward the vendor. He took a bite savory the blending of the spices with the juicy roasted meat. Some of the juice trailed down the back of his paw and he was quick to lick it off. There was no way he was letting the succulent drippings escape. He caught Dominic watching him and smirked, “what?”

The two continue to move among the stalls as they munched on their meal. “Do you think you will ever find the connection again? Or is it gone for good? What do you think caused it to be broken?” Neko questioned Dom as they walked.  Occasionally something would catch their attention and they would stop to study it before continuing their exploration.

“I don’t know for sure. As I said when I woke up I felt the disconnect, so I don’t know when it happened for sure. I haven’t talked to Donny yet to ask him if he has felt the same thing. I don’t know how he hasn’t but I am just too confused to know.” While Dominic had been speaking, he had stopped and purchased a couple mugs of ale for the two to wash down their pies. He was taking a drink when he had the weirdest feeling. He felt like he was being drawn somewhere, he turned trying to find the direction he was being pulled toward.

Neko quirked an eyebrow at his best friend as he watched him turn in a complete circle. “Um, dude? What are you doing? You look ridiculous.” Dominic stopped spinning and walked a couple steps in once direction, then spun around and walked in the opposite. Neko reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him a bit to get his attention. “Dom! Stop! What the hell are you doing? You are weirding me out, man.”

Dominic finally seemed to focus on Neko’s face. “Sorry, I need to go. I can’t explain I have this urgent need to go. You can go with me, or stay here. It’s your choice.” Dominic brushed off Neko’s hold and headed into the crowd. Neko stood for a moment in disbelief but then figured he had better follow his crazy friend.

Back at the inn, Bo sat on the side of his bed with his head in his hands. Az sat before the fireplace letting the heat finish drying his fur from his quick bath. He was using his towel to wipe the water out of his ears when Bo shot up off the bed. “I think I’ll go down and ask the owner if he knows where I can hire a decent guide to lead us to Black Barrow. I haven’t been there since I was a kit, and our other guide is somewhat indisposed right now.”  He had his paw on the doorknob when Az threw the towel at him. “What?” was the question in his eyes as he turned to face his naked friend.

“Dude. Here, have this back.” Bo said as he threw the towel back in Az’s direction. “Why’d you throw it at me?” He leaned back against the door waiting for his friend to enlighten him with his words.

Az dutifully wrapped the towel around his waist as he sauntered over to where his pack lay upon the bed. He began pulling out a pair of clean clothes before answering his looming companion. “I figured I would go down with you. Just let me get dressed. Fair warning, you might want to go make a dash under some water yourself because you are starting to smell more horse than Felis. Just saying, man.” He then dropped his towel and wiggled his butt in Bo’s direction chuckling.

Az laughed even harder when Bo fled the room commenting on his exit, “fine, just stop shaking that at me. I’m going to be sick.”  Az laughed even harder and started to do a bump and grind move as he hummed a classic dance tune. “Oh, My, God! My eyes, my eyes.” Was heard just before the slam of the lavatory door.

Azereus made his way over to the door so his protégé could hear him, “You’re just jealous that I still have the moves at my ancient age. You’ll never match me for moves and you know it.” He returned to the bed and began to dress. It wasn’t long before the two old friends were headed downstairs.

The innkeeper pointed them in the direction of a blue-furred fellow sitting in a back corner of the boisterous bar. The locals had finished their day’s endeavors, and now wanted something to help them relax and forget.  The male they had been told to look for sat with his back against the wall. His hood up, and drawn close to his face. When he took a drink, the light would reveal grass-green eyes. His fur was the color of a foggy morning where the fog is so thick you can feel it.

Bo and Az had studied the male as they approached and knew a fellow warrior when they saw one. You could feel the wariness that rolled off him in waves. Once Bo had introduced himself and Az, he sat down to explain to the stranger the nature of their business. As he had studied the color of the male's fur he made note that the male reminded him of fog in more ways than one. The guide introduced himself as Max. He seemed to relax once he realized he was among his own kind.

Max heard the tale told him and could only shake his head. That silly star thing had everybody all crazy. If you asked him, it was just another happening in the night sky. It didn’t mean anything. But if these guys wanted him to take him to an old cursed castle in the middle of nowhere who was he to judge. Their money spent either way.

Once they had settled on a price, Bo asked Max to follow them up to meet the rest of the gang. Max agreed and after paying for their drinks followed his new employers up to their rooms. They stopped at CeCe and Neko’s room first. Bo knocked and waited for someone to answer the door. 

Now that they were out of the dimly lit bar, and Max had let his hood fall back, he noticed that their newly hired guide had crossed eyes. He wondered how someone with that affliction became a warrior. Hell, maybe because he was a warrior was why they were crossed. You just never knew.

He heard footsteps too light to be Neko’s approach the door. He heard his beloved voice ask who was knocking? Good girl, she hadn’t just opened the door. “It is Az and me, my love. We have hired a guide to take us into Black Barrow. We wanted you to meet him.” He heard her say something but it was muffled through the door. Just as he was going to ask her to repeat it, the door opened. As always, she took his breath away. He loved her in blue but tonight she was in a dusty rose tunic. The shade brought out her stripes and made her green eyes look bigger.

CeCe gave the stranger her usual full body scan, stopping to study his face. “Hello. I am CeCelia DeMeana, it is nice to meet you. I would introduce you to my brother but he isn’t here. I would assume he is with the twins in their room. Would you like to come in, Mister…?” Here CeCe paused to learn the gentleman’s name.

Max stood mesmerized by the beauty before him. It took a moment for what she had said to penetrate his thick head. “Excuse me, my lady, the name is Max, just Max. And I would rather finish with the introductions if you don’t mind.” He got the feeling that he might not be walking right for long if he accepted the lady’s invitation into her chamber. If he went by the scowl he received from the big, hulking warrior at his side as any indication.

CeCe looked between Bo and the guide completely understanding his reticence in accepting her invitation. “That is quite alright, Max. My darling Bo can be a bit menacing when he wants to be. Even though he has no need to do so” here she gave Bo a very pointed look. “I give you leave to continue on with the introductions, maybe soon we can sit down and get to know one another.” She noticed Bo stiffen, and reached out and patted the poor guide's arm. The look she gave Bo spoke of the lecture he had waiting for him.

Max gave the lady a deep bow and then turn to stand away from the door. He didn’t envy Bo the dressing down he would soon be receiving. Az joined him against the far wall, giving him a small nudge. The age-old comradery born between warriors watching one of their own getting scolded by his woman. While Bo’s back was to them, they both wore identical grins, but as soon as he stiffened and turned to make his way down the hall, the smiles were replaced with neutral expressions.

Bo banged on the twin’s door a bit harder than he should have and when a startled Donny opened the door, he felt ashamed of his anger. He knew he needed to get a handle on his jealousy before it cost him the woman he loved. “Sorry Don-Don, can we come? I want to introduce you to our new guide.”  Donny stepped back with the door held open so that the men could enter. The room was dimly lit with just the lamp by a chair to give light along with the fireplace.

A book lay face down indicating that Donny had been reading before their entrance. “CeCe said that Neko would be here. Where are he and Dominic?” Bo asked as he went to stand by the window. Az took up a position by the fireplace and Max remained standing just inside the door. “This is Max, he will be guiding us to Black Barrow. Max, this is one of my twin brothers, Donny.” Bo did the introduction quickly and then turned to study the road outside the window.

Donny studied the big Blue, he was classical built like those of their breed full bodied, with rounded features and the characteristic green eyes. Wait a minute this guy’s eyes were crossed. Donny fought hard not to laugh at a cross-eyed guide. He brought his paw to his chest and bowed slightly, “it is an honor to meet you, sir, thank you for your guidance.”  He motioned the fellow to enter the room. “Please come in.”

Max stepped inside the room which didn’t seem too big when you considered that it held three full grown Felis warriors and one in his first incarnation. It didn’t leave much space to go. Max moved to go sit on the bed closest to the door when he heard a loud crack. “What the… how did this get here? Is this any way to treat one’s weapons?”  

Max asked as he held up a broken bow. He studied the workmanship and had to admit the bowmaker was quite talented. It had been carved from the ancient Tragara tree. It was well-balanced, and he could tell from the way it had been kept it, that it was a beloved weapon. Max felt terrible about destroying it, but in the dimly lit room, he had not seen the dark wood.

Donny came over and grabbed the bow from Max’s hands. “Oh no. It is my brother’s bow. He hardly ever leaves it behind. I swear he even sleeps with it. He is going to be devastated. I remember him searching for weeks for just the right piece of wood.” Donny was turning the bow gently in his hands, caressing the small nicks and notches that Dominic had carved into the wood through the years. He turned toward Bo, “What is he going to do for a weapon now?”

At the same moment, Donny was asking that question, Dominic was still following his wild impulse, which had led him down into a seedier part of the town. The stalls now sold more deadly weapons, and all manner of devices used to torture and destroy your enemy. Dominic barely noticed what was around him as he searched for what was driving him. Neko had kept step with him the whole way, but he was beginning to worry for his friend.

Suddenly Dominic made a dead stop right in front of a dilapidated tent. There were ancient weapons scattered around the outside; most in bad need of repair. Some so rusted that it was hard to make out what their original use was for. Others were broken and missing pieces. After his brief stop, Dom continued inside the less than inviting entrance.

Neko watched his friend disappear inside, after checking around the area he headed in after his crazy friend. As he walked around piles of weapons in even worse shape than those residing outside the door, he finally made it to Dominic’s side. “Dude, what is up with you? I have been chasing you all over this goddess forsaken market and now you want to stop and peruse this old junk bin. Have you lost your mind?” To punctuate his disgust Neko grabbed the handle of a mace that as he lifted it up the rusted chain crumbled leaving the ball in the pile of what had once swung it into battle.

Dominic glanced over at what became of the weapon but could not fight the feeling that there was something here he must find. He began moving among the tables and racks, picking up first one sword only to pick up a spear next.

A couple of rough looking characters had entered the tent behind them and wandered around watching Dom navigating through the forgotten wares of war. He also noticed the proprietor of the shop watching him and Dominic. The male was studying their clothes and weapons, judging how much he could gouge the price for his junk.

While Neko watched, the men watching him and Dominic. Dominic kept rummaging through the cast offs of long lost warriors. He had stopped at a rack of bows and was intently checking each one for their draw and aiming ability. He picked up one that didn’t look like much so covered in dirt and debris, it was hard to even tell what type of wood had been used to craft it. But as soon as Dominic’s hand had touched it, he had tensed and stopped to intently study what he held. He then turned looking for the proprietor, “how much do you want for this old bow? Don’t think to cheat me, I won’t tolerate it.” Was all he said coming to stand close to the male.

Neko was looking at him like he had grown a second head. He had been with Dom while he searched for the perfect wood for his bow. He had spent hours working on it to get it to bend at just the right angle. There was one thing that Dominic was a master at and that was crafting bows. Neko had never seen him purchase one in his life.

“That bow, good sir? Why it is of the finest wood. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I recently lost my apprentice who polished and cleaned all my wares. I couldn’t let it go for less than two goldens, and that is taking a loss for myself.” The proprietor was rubbing his hands together as he worked to make the sale.

Dominic turned the bow this way and then that way. “I don’t see it being worth anywhere near two goldens, you would be lucky to get one silver out of it. I am just looking for a training bow for a young one which I would usually craft myself, but we are traveling and I find I have no time for it.” Dom placed the bow on a nearby stack of junk and made to walk away.

“I will just have to wait until we return home to start his training. Pity.” He then started walking towards the door, Neko following close behind. He was just getting ready to exit when the shopkeeper said. “Wait, seeing as it is for the training of a young. I will let it go for a silver, if it pleases you, my lord?”

Dominic turned back towards the man and as he made his way back to where he had left the bow, he dug a silver out of his pouch. “Good deal. The young will be happy now, and I will not be hearing constantly how bored he is. Now he can spend his idle time in training. Here is your payment. Farewell, good sir.” Dominic pitched the silver toward the shopkeeper knowing the man would catch it and begin checking to see if it was real. He and Neko were out the door and gone shortly after.

Once they were away from the shop Neko couldn’t stop laughing at how Dominic had acted in the shop. “That was insane. What made you come up with the story about the young? I mean it was inspiring. You had him, well close to the right place. I mean you still paid a silver for an old damaged bow. Why may I ask did you want that bow?” He stopped and stared at the object in question.

Dominic stopped and looked down at what still seemed to whisper to him. As soon as his hand had touched it, he had felt a connection. He knew all he needed was to clean the filth off it and the bow would be in perfect shape. A treasure hiding in plain sight. He just didn’t know how much of a treasure yet. “I don’t think it is damaged. I just think it needs some tender loving care and it will be perfect. It was worth a lot more than a silver, I just know it.”

The two headed back to the inn Neko thinking his friend had lost his mind and Dominic impatient to get to work cleaning up the bow. On the walk, he had begun to wipe the grime away revealing some of the etchings engraved into the wood. When Neko saw the etchings, he felt a cold shiver race down his spine. The entered the inn and headed up to their rooms.  

As they got to Neko and CeCe’s room, Neko remembered he had left his pack in the twin’s room. “I need to go with you to my pack.” He told Dominic when he rejoined him walking down the hall. Dom just shook his head that he understood. When they got to the room, he opened the door to find it filled with his brothers, Azereus and some male he didn’t know. He noticed immediately the solemn tone the room held. And then he saw his bow in his brother’s hands.

Tossing the old bow aside, he rushed over to his brother. “What happened? How did this happen? My bow, my beautiful bow.” Dominic took it from his brother’s hands and went to sit in the chair by the fire. He turned it over and over trying to ascertain if it was repairable. He had just concluded, what he had known the moment he had picked it up, that it was beyond repair when he heard the strange man ask, “where did you find Death’s Whisper?” All eyes were now on the ancient bow that Max held in his hands.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Time to Rest

Note: This was supposed to post yesterday, but due to unforeseen events, it was delayed. My apologies.

Spooks could not believe how stupid he was. Once again, he had allowed himself to be caught unaware. Some mystic he was turning out to be. He tried to take a calming breath only to be reminded that at present his head was covered in a course bag that smelled of moldy cheese, and another scent he didn’t want to dwell on. He felt jostled to a less comfortable position over the shoulder of the thief that had flung him over his shoulder. There was a grunt as his weight settled once more.

“You know I will not aid your master. I have no idea why you feel this need to have me in your company.” Spook’s voice came muffled from the bag. “We have already been through this. Free me, and let me be on my way. Your master will be angry that I am of such little use. Do you really want him to take it out on you?” He knew he that they would turn him a deft ear, but he felt he must try to make them free him. He found this to be very true as his head was grabbed.

“Our master sent us to retrieve you and that is exactly what we are doing. We suffered his anger when your friends freed you before. I think he will reward us, not be angry. Talk all you want, little one. You will stand before Amerak before the day is through. Hell, he may even pay us for a job well done.” Spooks struggled to pull away from the claws gripping his head so tightly.  “I also think you underestimate your importance to our master as you shall soon find out.” The claws retracted from his skull as the speaker pushed his head away.

Knowing he was beaten, at least for now Spooks gave in to an overwhelming need to sleep, and so he allowed his body to relax. Letting his consciousness go, he slipped into a vision of what would happen with the group of friends he had been tasked to aid.

Zirede felt the small body relax against his shoulder. Good, the little mystic’s squirming had begun to irritate him. He was still angry that he had not been able to make the Pantheri warrior pay for his mate’s injuries. The further away from their camp they got, the less fear he felt. He still couldn’t shake the vestiges of seeing what had sent him racing away from the enemy. 

The thieves made it back to their camp shortly before sunset. Zirede dropped the small frame of the mystic onto a pile of leaves, and then stretched the kinks out of his tall muscular frame. The kit didn’t weigh much but after walking for a while with him over his shoulders, he was infinitely relieved to release his burden. He watched as Diewen disappeared into the forest to look for wood for a fire. He strode over to where Nilla and Paevia sat on a fallen log.

“Does anyone want to tell me what the hell happened back in that clearing? What happened to make you run out of there?” He waited not wanting to admit that he had seen anything. He wasn’t sure if his imagination hadn’t been playing games on his over-stressed mind. “We had the upper hand, we could have brought them all to the master. Let him see for a fact that the Pantheri are back.”

Ever since they had left the battle, Nilla had been running through her mind what she had seen.  She didn’t know how the strangers had done it, but for a moment she could have sworn she was seeing the past come alive. “I can’t speak for Paevia or the others, but what I saw I can’t believe was real. It was a sorcerer’s trick. I saw my mother and father, both whom I killed, standing before me. I felt that they were there to repay my kindness.” Rubbing her hands over her eyes, she still felt the pulse of fear in her heartbeat.

Paevia had a haunted look on her face that she tried to hide as she got up to fetch some trail mix from her satchel. She took a couple bites as she leaned her head to the side like she was thinking about what she had seen. “I don’t know what it was, or how they did it but like you” here she pointed at Nilla. “I saw a person’s shade. One that I did away with long ago. I had this impulse to run or it would kill me where I stood. So, I ran.” She threw some of the mix in her mouth, the sound of the nuts crunching loud in the quiet that pervaded the campsite.
The sound of wood falling to the ground, startled the grim trio.

Zirede jerked his head toward the sound, going into a defensive stance.  Paevia and Nilla following his lead.  Diewen stood frozen, glancing from the weapons that had been drawn, up to the faces of his comrades. “Woah guys, it’s just me. What are you talking about? You all seem a bit jumpy.” He knelt to stack the wood so that he could get the fire going. “I know we were just there to do a quick snatch and grab, but what happened to all of you. When you ran by me it seemed as if the hounds of the consort were after you.”

Nilla glanced at the others and by silent signal, her eyes told them to say nothing. She turned her gaze back at Diewen as he stood, rubbing his hands together as the fire began to spread through the dried wood. “It was nothing. It has just been a long day. This job is turning out to be more that what I signed us on for. I for one to hand the apprentice over to our master, get our pay and go home. I want to check on how my sister is doing.” She walked towards the fire stroking Zirede’s arm as she spoke of his mate.

Bumbles crouched down beside the stream where he had come to fill the canteens. He had needed some time away from the others to process what he had seen. Droplets of sweat beaded his brow, as he bent to fill the first canteen. As the crystal, clear liquid rushed to fill the receptacle, Bumbles was lost deep in thought. What he had seen at the end of the battle, still sent shivers down his spine. He had seen the shade of the person he still mourned.  His first love, there wasn’t a day that went by he didn’t think of the night he had killed her.

The beauty she had been in life, had not faded in the afterlife. Her accusing eyes even now filled his vision. He had always claimed it was an accident, but deep inside he knew that to be a lie. Trapped in his past, the icy water chilling his skin finally broke him from his reverie.  He pulled his hand from the water shaking it, before retrieving the now full canteen. “I’m so sorry, I should have had more courage” he muttered as he finished filling the water containers. He then rose and headed back to the campsite.

Bo called a halt as the shadows lengthened around them with the setting of the sun. He had pushed everyone hard so that they had little time to dwell on the fact that they had left the kit with the enemy. He himself had been fighting the need to turn back and rescue the young one, but the sense of urgency he felt in needing to complete their quest fought against the rescue idea. He felt pulled in the direction they now followed, and so he would push them until it was done.

Dominic chose to sit away from the others, he felt off kilter, a sense of foreboding or something lingering in his mind. He just knew he wasn’t in the mood to be with the others. Not even his twin. Ever since he had awoken with Donny missing, he had felt disconnected from him. Before he had always had an innate knowledge of Donny. Now that sixth sense, or whatever it was seemed to be missing. As the others crowded around the fire, he bundled up in his blankets and cast his gaze towards the trio of stars that had started this journey. Where once they had been separated, now they formed a tight configuration. From this view, they appeared to form a triangle. It was their bright light that followed him into his dreams.

The next morning CeCe arose to begin preparing the simple breakfast they would all share. She noticed that their reserves had steadily shrunk until she knew they would need to find someplace soon to restock. She watched as Az started moving, as he slowly opened his eyes to greet the day. She poured him a cup of coffee and brought it over to his pallet. “Good morning, cousin. How did you sleep?” she asked as she handed him the cup.

Az sat up before taking the cup, lifting it to his nose he took a deep breath. “Mm. Now that I have this smell to jump start my brain cells, I think I am doing good. As for how I slept, I must admit to wishing for a softer bed than the ground. I am stiff as a board. Old age is not my friend when I lay upon the cold damp ground.” Here he stopped to take a healthy drink of his coffee. “Oh, yes. That helps immensely. Send that glorious warmth to all the cold spots. Thank you, cousin, for the drink.”

By this time, the others were stirring as well, and CeCe poured each a cup as they sat up. She looked around for Dom only now noticing that he had never joined them last night by the fire. She grabbed him a cup and herself one, and headed towards where he had bunked down. Dom watched her as she approached a slight smile on his handsome face. When she sat next to him and handed him his cup, he took a sip before saying “Thank you, my Queen. I really needed that. I was foolish not moving closer to the fire last night. I am cold to the bone.” Dom took another big gulp. “Did you sleep well?” He asked as she filled her own cup.

CeCe thought to ask why he had sought solitude over warmth but decided against it. She knew Dom well enough that is something was bothering him, he would need some time to work it out on his own. Otherwise, he would seek his brother’s or Neko’s advice. “I slept as well as one can when lounging upon the cold, hard ground. I will welcome the end of this quest if for no other reason to sleep in my own bed again.”

She saw Dominic nod his head in agreement, then turned to watch the others move about their morning. “We will be needing to find a settlement or town soon. Our supplies are running dangerously low. We only have another morning's worth of coffee. I for one do not want to see Bo without his morning kick start.” She watched Dom consider his own mug, before adding. “Or the rest of you for that matter. I think I’ll go ask Bo if he knows of any place close.”

Clambering up to her feet, CeCe reached out to stroke Dom’s ear. “I hope whatever has you out of sorts, works itself out.” She gave his velvet soft ear another stroke before heading to where Bo and Neko stood studying the map.

Neko looked up as his sister approached, he reached out his hand which she took as she stepped close to his side. “Please tell me there is a village nearby? We need to restock, and I could really use a bath. Using stream water to wash up is fine, but I think all of us could use a night spent somewhere we can bathe and sleep on something softer than the ground.” She felt Neko squeeze her hand as if agreeing.

Bo studied the map for a minute, then glanced towards the sky. He took mental note of where the sun was, to find a sense of direction. “If I am correct in where we are on this map, there is indeed a town not far. It looks to be of decent size, so we should be able to find lodging as well as re-stock with ease. Let’s break camp and head out.” He rolled the map up and place it in his belt. “I will inform the others of the plans.”

Once camp had been broken the gang began their trek in the direction of their destination. It was late in the afternoon when they arrived on the outskirts of what appeared to be a thriving town. Azereus stopped a man to ask where they might find lodging, with a thank you for the assistance he sent him on his way. They soon stood before a quaint bed and breakfast, it wasn’t very large but appeared to be clean and they soon found affordable.

The owner welcomed them and once the room assignments were made, he had his son lead the group to their rooms. CeCe entered her room, “Don’t expect to see me for a while. There is a tub waiting with my name on it.” She placed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle and disappeared inside. They could hear her humming as she walked away from the door.

Bo just shook his head as he followed the kit as they were led to the rooms allocated for their use. After giving the young one a tip, he entered the room he would be sharing with Az. “Nothing fancy here, but at least it appears to be clean. I think I am going to lay down for a bit. I’ll let you have first dibs on the bath.” He said as he sat down on the nearest bed. Az nodded his agreement while he began to pull clean clothes from his bag.

Out in the hallway, Neko watched Donny unlock the door. “Since I am bunking in with CeCe, I think I’m going to go for a walk around the market to give her some time to enjoy her bath. I’ll see you guys later.” He had turned to head back to the stairs when Dominic stopped him.
“Wait up. Let me dump my pack and I’ll join you. Do you want to leave your stuff here for now? You can pick it up when we get back.” He held the door open waiting for Neko’s decision. When Neko tossed him his pack, he went inside to drop the packs on his bed, then turned to Donny. “You want to come with us? Or would you rather get the dirt out of your whiskers?”

Donny scowled at him as he opened his knapsack. “Nah, you guys go ahead. I’m going to clean up a bit and probably crash for a bit until dinner. Stay out of trouble, ya hear me?” He scowled at Dom menacingly “don’t make me have to kick your butt.” At that Dominic burst out laughing before giving him a salute and walked out the door.

Neko waited out in the hall and gave Dom a quizzical look before they headed back downstairs. “Should I ask what that was all about? He asked his friend. They had reached the main floor which was separated into the entry area where the check-in desk was, and then a small hall where the stairs took up prime real estate, it being a double grand staircase with a sweeping balustrade that was wide enough to slide down. Off to the right side, an arched entryway opened into a parlor where some of the other guests milled about.

The parlor itself was decorated in muted tones of rose and lavender. It looked as if the doily fairy had gotten loose and place a doily on every surface. The furniture that sat before the fireplace was overstuffed and looked comfortable. Dom noticed the wallpaper had vines climbing up the panels, in colors that matched the theme of the room. Dom chuckled as a thought crossed his mind of an old spinster auntie sitting in the old-fashioned rocking chair crocheting the delicate lacy looking doilies. 

Neko glanced at his friend as he heard him chuckle. “Want to let me in all the joke?” he asked as they proceeded toward the entry. He nodded toward the owner who stood behind the check-in desk, before heading outside. When he didn’t get an answer to his query, he just shook his head before he stopped to look around to figure out where to head next. The sounds of what must be the market filtered to him and he motioned for Dominic to follow him.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On Track

 I wanted to do a midweek post to let you know that as I stated in mid-April, I would be continuing the adventure of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles on Friday, May 12, 2017. I have been putting up installments of the book each day on my new Author’s page on Word Press. Yesterday was the last one. My readers on all three blogs are all on the same page so to speak.

Now comes some questions from me to you my loyal readers. Just to get your input in the next few chapters. See if you are getting involved in this world I am creating. Now that Donny has his
Specter’s Staff, do you think the others will find their own weapons of power?

What do you think will be Dominic’s weapon, or Neko’s? Do you think Bo and Azereus will get weapons as well? This leads us to other questions. Ones that I would love to hear your opinion on. I would love for you to leave me your answers in the comments.

What about the romance between Bo and CeCe. Did you want it to happen? Did you know it was going to happen? Do you think it will last, or do you think the unknown future will rip them apart?

What of the quest that is at the very heart of the book. What do you think the Triad is? Do you think it will harm the gang? Will it change them? What will happen if Amerak finds it before the gang? Will he enslave all of Cameria or destroy it? These were the questions I sat up late at night asking myself when I was creating this world. I just want to know if I was asking the right ones.

Now I ask of you these questions.Please feel free to give me your opinion. If you don’t wish to put them in the comment section, feel free to send me a direct message on any of my social platforms.

 Are you ready to enter the final chapters? Are you ready to find out where the quest for the Triad has led our beloved gang? Then you will definitely want to tune in each Friday to read the book as I finish the first draft of  Book One in my series taking you into The Cat’s Eye Chronicles.