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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Time Has Come.

This post is dedicated to all who have been following me from the beginning of writing this book. You are all very special to me. Unfortunately we have reached that time. “What time?” you may ask. The time where I will no longer be posting the story as I write it now. The time of mystery has arrived.

You are probably wondering what that means to this blog, and you as my readers. Fear not, I will still be posting weekly. I just won’t be posting the latest additions to my draft. Now I will take you through my preparations to get a graphic artist for my character. Yes, you will get to see what they look like. And also finding a cover artist for the book. Soon I will be asking for beta readers, and I will let you see what they have to say about it.

Once I have finished with the beta readers, the real work begins with doing my edits, and revisions to make it ready for the real editors. I know I am a bit scared of that process, but I will get it done. After all the step after that is publishing the final product, The Cat’s Eye Chronicles: Book One.

I bet you had forgotten that this will be the first book in a series. Well you have been reminded. To help you pass the time, I have started a photo blog to keep the gang that my characters are based on fresh in your mind. You can check it out at https://rabustercom.wordpress.com, I also by accident made an additional blog which has become my daily accountability blog. You can find it at https://rabusterblog.wordpress.com 

So keep checking back, and don’t forget to grab my book when it hits the shelves to find out, 1. What happens to Spooks? 2. Whether anyone else in the gang receives a cool weapon? 3. What happens between Amerak and the gang? 4. If the gang finds the Triad, and what the Triad is?

All of those questions will be answered, in additional to finding out what the next book will bring you. So I thank you for your continued engagement with my book. Just a little something else. I will be letting my readers help me choose some of the graphics pertaining to the book. Until next week, I hope you love fully and laugh often.

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