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Monday, February 20, 2017


Bo looked down at the serene beauty that was lying in his arms. For some reason, he always forgot how much smaller she was from the rest of them. Her features delicate in repose, but when awake always seemed to hold so much control. He fought an irresistible urge to lean down and kiss the beauty mark hidden among her whiskers.

He felt so peaceful as he held her, not noticing she had a faint glow coming off her skin. He just wanted to curl up with her, and take a nap. He couldn’t fight the feeling any longer and his eyes closed. It was when his head dropped forward that CeCe starting stirring. Bo’s big body relaxed completely, and his grip fell away as he went completely unconscious.

CeCe slipped from his lax arms. She awoke fully just as her feet touched the floor. At the same moment, the kit began to stir. CeCe’s eyes opened at the same moment as the kits. Green eyes met gold across the slumbering form between them. The kit quickly noticed the glow as it disappeared from the alarmed female. His gaze shifted to the male who lay in unconscious. He, himself felt the remaining healing energy and realized what must have happened. He slowly rose to a sitting position, and waited for the brief dizziness to pass.

On the opposite side of the kit, Azereus stood. He had witnessed the moment and was trying to work out in his head what was happening. He looked down at the small kit as he made to rise to a sitting position. It was at that moment he noticed at some point the tip of the kit’s ear had ripped away. The ragged scarred edges were testament to the injury. What kind of life had he lived for one so young? He began to ask, but the kit spoke first. His voice raspy from lack of use. “My lady, I see your gift has awakened. As is usual you must learn to control it. I may be able to assist you.” He stopped to cough a little trying to clear his throat. Az startled when Dom moved beside him to hand the kit a cup of water.

CeCe looked at the young Felis like he had grown a second head. “What gift? The gift to put people to sleep? I have no idea of what you are speaking. I’m so confused.” She went to touch Bo’s forehead because even in a heavy sleep, his brow was wrinkled with unsettling thoughts. The kit reached over and grasped her hand before she could touch Bo. Her hand formed a fist as she pulled it from the boy’s hold. “What are you doing? I only wished to soothe my friend.”

Spooks looked at the lovely lady, and as his hand fell back to the coverlet, he searched for how to tell her that her touch now held the power of life and death. “I meant no offence, my lady, I simply did not want you to harm your friend.” He watched as CeCe brought he hand to her chest, a look of shock on her face. “You have been gifted with great power. In your touch is the power to heal, but it cost you to use it. When you use it to heal, it depletes your life force. You can act as a conduit. To conduct the life force of others through yourself. But the price is depletion for them.” He stopped to take a drink.

CeCe’s shocked look had turned to one of horror as the kit had spoken. “If that is the case I don’t want this power. How do I rid myself of it? I cannot live my life afraid to touch someone for fear of harming them.” With a whimper, she tried to hide, she turned to gaze out the window.

Spooks shook his head. “You can learn to control it. It is not something you can give back, it is an expansion of a gift you were born with. You must learn to send your light into the one you wish to heal, but hold some for yourself in reserve. This way you do not deplete your energy, you can draw energy from others but once again, you must learn control.” Spooks wanted to comfort the lady, but knew she needed to process this on her own.

CeCe watched a family of rabbit’s frolic in the tall grass outside the window. She thought about what the kit had said, and knew of what he spoke of when he said her light. She had noticed when she was touching him, that in her mind she had been holding a golden ball of light. As she had touch him, the energy from the ball had flowed into his body. Now that she thought about it, at the end the ball had diminished growing fainter until it had almost disappeared. As she had awakened in her mind she had felt the ball reignite, and again glow bright. As this thought came to her she turned towards the bed and studied Bo’s sleeping form.

“So, you are telling me that in healing you, I depleted my energy, or my light. Is that correct? And when Bo touched me I drew his energy into myself to refuel. That is why he is now so deeply asleep? So, if I touch him and direct some of my light back to him, he should wake up refreshed?” She stood waiting to hear what he would say. Her fingers itching to touch Bo and see if her theory was correct. Also, to see if she could do it, if she was honest with herself.

Spooks smiled as he nodded. “Yes, you do understand. You want to limit your contact to just a small touch, until you learn better control. I have no worries your control will not be an issue for long.” He handed Dom the now empty cup. He threw the covers back, and made to get up. Az remained blocking his exit from the bed, and he looked up at the towering giant, calmly he spoke. “May I get up, I really need to use the privy. Or would you rather I make a mess on the bed. I am sure your sleeping friend will enjoy waking in a pool of piss.”
Az’s face reddened as he stepped aside. A mumbled “sorry” was the last thing the kit heard as he walked rather quickly for the door.

Everyone in the room watched the young one run out the door, Donny broke the silence with a chuckle as he started clearing the table of the morning meal. “I guess when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.” Dom snatched his coffee mug away from his twin before he could take it, he rose to go refill his drink before he returned to the table.

“Well, he has been here almost two days, so I imagine he will be busy for a bit.” He turned his gaze towards the group gathered around the bed. “So CeCe, are you thinking of trying to wake up my big bro? Or are you going to let him just lie there getting his beauty rest?” He waggled his eyebrows at her as he awaited her answer.

Az chose to return to the table as well. He didn’t want to get in the way of the power that seemed to still saturate the air around the bed. He noticed all eyes studied his cousin, as they waited to see what she would say. “You don’t have to do anything. He’s not needed right now, let him sleep, and regain his strength. You need to rest. Give your body time to acclimate to the power you now hold.” He glanced toward the door. “I think I will go check on our guest. See if he is all right.”

CeCe knew what Az said was true, but she wanted to reach out so much and stroke Bo’s face. She wanted to infuse him with just a small taste of the light blazing at her center. She looked down at her hand to see that her claws were half unsheathed. They were practically twitching with the need. She was so enthralled in the thought, she jumped when Neko wrapped his arms around her. “Wait, what are you doing?” she cried out as he pulled her away from the slumbering man. “I can help, I know I can.”

Neko continued to pull her away turning a deaf ear to his sister’s plea. Once he had her seated before the fire with a cup of water in her hands. He finally spoke. “I am sure you feel that way, but look at yourself. You are out of control with just the thought of touching him. Az is right, let Bo sleep. We all need to learn how to control the gifts bestowed upon us. I feel that we will have use of them very soon.”  He took the seat beside her, watching as she slowly calmed down.

A little time later Azereus and Spooks returned to the cabin. Spooks looked much relieved. As he entered he glanced toward the bed, but chose to join the others at the table. “I am sorry for passing out as I did. I hadn’t realized that I had suffered such terrible injury. Thank you, my lady for your healing touch. I can’t remember if I introduced myself or not. Let me do so again. My name is Spooks. I was sent to the ruined city to wait for your return. I am to act as guide to your party. I have waited a long time to find you.” Donny stretched as he stood up. As he worked the kinks out of his spine from sitting so long, he went over to place a coverlet over Bo.

“To where exactly are you to lead us? And aren’t you a tad bit young to have waited a long time?  He walked to the door, and opened it. He stood staring outside, his nose wiggling slightly as he scented the air. “I don’t know about the rest of our group, but I’m getting a tad bit tired of the cryptic words we keep hearing. Can someone just come out and say it in simple language?” He had turned toward Spooks as he finished with his question.

Dominic and Neko both started to speak at the same time. Neko chose to let Dominic speak first. Dom nodded his thanks to Neko as he went to sit cross-legged on the bed beside his brother. “I’m with twin on the just say it straight. All you guys speak like you are a million years old, or talk in circles expecting us to know what you are talking about. How are we supposed to find the Triad like that? Just say what ya gotta say.”

Neko burst out laughing. “Dude, get outta my head. I was going to say the same thing.” He looked at Spooks before continuing. “Just tell us what we need to do, how to do it, and we will get it done. Simple as that. So where are we heading?” All eyes turned toward Spooks waiting to hear what he would say. They all felt that their time was running out, they needed to finish this quest.

Spooks lowered his eyes to study his worn boots. He noticed that the left one had a small hole at the tip. He looked back up at the expectant faces watching him, and wondered to himself how many would remain at the end of their journey. “We must head to the cliffs of Black Barrow. It is there where the Triad is prophesied to be found.” He took a moment to take a drink to wet his suddenly parched throat.

Azereus scratched his head as he tried to place where the kit said they were to go. Try as he might, he could not place it. He had never heard of Black Barrow. He figured he would have heard of every place while working as captain of the queen’s guard. She was after all queen of the whole damn world.  “Excuse me, but you say we are travelling to this Black Barrow. I, in all my lives have never heard of such a place. What kind of wild goose are you trying to send us on? Have any one of you ever heard of this place?” His eyes wandered around the room, questioning the inhabitants.

When no one spoke up, he turned his gaze back to Spooks. “Well, where is this mysterious place. Where is Black Barrow? Why should we trust you? We don’t even know you. I think we should stay the course, and keep looking for copies of the prophecy.  We have done well so far, doing this. Who else agrees with me that we should keep looking for more information about this Triad, and copies of the prophecy? Not traipsing off to some unknown place called Black Barrow.”

Bo heard mumbling sounds that slowly become more clear as he become more awake. He identified Az’s voice, noting that he sounded a bit more animated than usual. Something that he kept saying kept pinging on Bo’s awareness. Each time Az said the word, he became more fully aware. Finally, the word Black Barrow caused him to answer in a groggy voice. “Why do you keep speaking of that forsaken place? There is nothing left but a deserted fortress left of the place. Whoever built it disappeared long ago. Some say it’s cursed, and I would tend to believe it.”

Az closed his mouth, he hadn’t realized it was still open ready to complete the discussion. He watched as Bo rubbed his hands over his face, trying to wipe away the last vestiges of sleepiness. “You have heard of this place, I take it then? Why have I never heard of it? And welcome back to the land of the living.” He added the last to lighten his interrogating tone.

Bo gave the questioning man a stern look before he sat up. As the room spun around, he took the time to enjoy the spinning of the world around. The room slowly came to a halt, and he decided to sit for a bit longer. He turned so that his back was against the headboard, and once he was comfortable, continued speaking of the place he had known so, so long ago.

“I was a very small kit travelling with my parents when we stopped in a town near the place. I remember sitting on my father’s lap as the old innkeeper spoke of the place. He spoke of the curse to all who dwelt in the fortress. Death was waiting for all on those snowy cliffs.” Bo’s voice had taken on a dreamlike quality as he slipped further into the memory. Everyone in the room felt drawn into his story.

“I, for one believe the curse is real. Because my father decided to investigate the place. What we found was a fully intact fortress, well-kept for a place that no people ever lived in. It was as if the place was frozen in time.  Even as a kit, I felt the eeriness of the place. It was a place of sorrow. I remember begging my father to leave the place. My mother begged him as well to turn back to the road, and leave.  He instead chose to leave my mother and I at a makeshift camp along the road. He took a few of his men and went to explore the place. I watched him ride out of camp with a sense of foreboding. It was the last time I saw my father alive.” Bo closed his eyes, as he tried to push the deep feelings he felt back into their safely guarded box.

He looked at Az once he felt more in control and asked once again. “Why did you ask about Black Barrow? You never answered me when I asked before. Tired of sitting he got up, and went to the water bucket to get himself a drink. He was waiting for Az to answer but it was the young one who answered. Bo’s green gaze swung to the forgotten kit.

“He spoke of the forsaken fortress because that is where you will find the Triad. He thought I was sending him on a journey to nowhere, simply because he had never heard of it before. And to answer his question, I am indeed here as a guide. Whether you take my guidance is entirely up to you.” Spooks said this and then walked to the door. “I leave you to discuss what you will do. It matters not to me either way.”

Spooks stepped outside into the sun warmed clearing. As he lifted his face to absorb some of the warmth himself. He hoped that they would wish for his guidance. He sometimes hated getting hints of future events, but never the full vision. He knew as he incarnated to his next life, the visions would become clearer. At this moment though he just really wished he was further in his lives. He felt ill prepared for what was to come.