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Monday, October 31, 2016


The chamber was silent, but for the sound of scurrying feet of what one could only guess might be mice. When they had fallen, those holding the small braziers had dropped them. The flames extinguished. The darkness was pervasive, wrapping around the unconscious troupe. Slowly in barely perceivable ways they began to awaken.

Donny rolled over trying to snuggle into his pillow. It was only when he realized there was no pillow, or nice comfortable mattress under his slender form, that he woke up fully in the darkness. He waited for his eyes to adapt to the lack of illumination, before reaching out to search for his family. He felt the leather of a boot, and shook it. "Wake up. Are you okay. Is everyone okay?” he queried the shadowed surroundings.

He felt the boot move, and a muffled groan. He decided he might need to examine the person closer for possible injuries. He couldn’t imagine they had all fallen, and not sustained any injuries. He worked his way to where he could see that his patient was Azereus. The guard had thrown his arm over his eyes, and continued to moan low. Donny felt the need to ask again. “Are you okay?”

Slowly Azereus removed his arm, and Donny could see a faint trickle of blood running from the man’s left temple to disappear under his eye patch. Donny looked around for one of the brazier’s so he could have better light to check Az’s wound with. He finally found one, and worked to relight it. While he had been searching, Az had moved to a sitting position, but remained holding his head.

As the light from Donny’s brazier began to reach across the cold darkness, he found where the others had fallen. They were starting to move, so he turned back to see how badly Azereus had hit his head. He pulled his pack close, and dug out his med kit. He then moved closer to the injured man. He gently touched Az ‘s arm, then waited for him to lower it to look at him. “I need to clean your wound, and see how bad it is. Is that all right with you?” He waited for Az’s answer. When he simply nodded; Donny set to work.

Not far away Bo awoke to find himself looking into a pair of bright green eyes, that were for some strange reason giving him a very nasty look. He watched as those eyes moved downward to where his hand rested. Realizing where his gaze had landed, he snatched his hand back as if burnt. No wonder CeCe had been angry. He had been fondling her breast while unconscious. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to… I mean it wasn’t my intention… it wasn’t my fault, I was knocked out.” He finally stammered out.

CeCe had a small smile on her face as she watched Bo struggle with his embarrassment, while tripping over his apologies for doing something that in reality, she had found kind of nice. To awaken with him beside her, his hand curled around her breast had for some reason felt right. Would she let him know? Not on a bet. So she just let him keep trying to make amends for what had not offended her.

“Bo, Bo.” She stopped to see if she had his attention. When he finally looked at her, she reached out and took his hand. "It’s okay, it just surprised me. Are you okay otherwise? There are a lot of things we could have fallen and gotten hurt on when we passed out. We need to check on the others, can you find another brazier, while I put the Eye back in its pouch.?” She didn’t wait to see if he had a response, but was busy putting the seemingly innocent stone away.

Bo watched her for a minute before reaching around for one of the discarded braziers, he made a funny face when his fingers found the spilled oily substance that had filled the one he found. “Damn, I found one, but it lost its contents in the fall. So unless you have some more of the oil, we won’t be able to light it.” He pulled his cloak around so that he could wipe the repulsive clinging oil from his hand.

CeCe looked up, and looked around for her pack, “I should have some in a small vial. Do you see my pack near you?” She continued to looked, and just as she heard Bo tell her didn’t see it, she found it under a bench that she had sat on as a child. “Never mind I found it,” she said, as she reached to pull it out. As she raised up she bumped her head on the cold marble. “Ouch!!” she exclaimed as she rubbed at the rising lump. “Here, look in the left side pocket.” Was all Bo heard before it was thrown his way.

Off in a corner lay the last two members of the group. Dom lay sprawled on his back, arms and legs spread wide. The interesting part was that Neko lay on top of him, well a portion of him. They both came awake at about the same moment, everyone in the chamber was made aware of their location quite quickly. “Dude!!” Dom shouted. “What the … Man, are you kidding me?” He had continued to say in a high pitched voice. The others were at a loss as to what could be so offensive to Dominic, but clearly something was.

“I didn’t, ew!! What the hell!!” Was Neko’s returned response. “Man, I am not that way, so get over yourself. And by the way just EW!!” By now Bo and CeCe had made their way over to see what the ruckus was all about, and the scene before them was quite comical. Neko had landed with his face in Dominic’s crotch. Which explained the disgust in both of their voices. “I love ya, man , just not like that.” Neko stated as he rose to his knees.

Dominic gave one of his lop-sided sardonic grins, before giving Neko his opinion. "I always knew you had a secret crush on me dude, but this was really not the time to make it known. You know I’m saving myself for Silia, and the rest of the needy woman of the world. There’s only so much of me to go around , and sorry the ladies have first dibs.” Here Dominic waggled his eyebrows at Neko, before scooting away from his scowling best friend.

“Ha, Ha. You’re so not funny. As if you have what I’m looking for. You are definitely missing a few of the finer points, that I am searching for in my future cuddle buddy.” Neko informed anyone who cared to listen. “Great Goddess, that hurts!!” he cried when he tried to stand. “What the hell! My back, it burns.” He started flapping his arms around trying to reach a spot on his back, that appeared to be just out of his reach. He began to rip at his clothing trying to get his shirt off. “Make it stop, Oh, great Goddess, make it stop.” He screamed.

CeCe and Dominic rushed towards the flailing man, trying to avoid getting hit in his desperate attempt to rid himself of his clothing. Finally Dom was able to restrain his hands, and CeCe finished removing his shredded shirt. She asked for a brazier, and Bo brought one up so that she could see. Dominic was standing looking over his shoulder, at the same time Bo and CeCe gazed at what was causing all the fuss. CeCe could only say two words, “Great Goddess.”

Dominic looked at Bo, and said what they both were thinking. “Ditto.”

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