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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Adventure Begins

Bo seriously had a feeling neither Dom or Neko would sleep that night. They were so excited to be leaving the confines of the town. Donny was excited, but he knew in the weakened state he was in that he needed to rest. He didn’t want to slow the group down any more than he already would.

 “If we are all going, I suppose we should head home and get more supplies and since we have lost daylight today, we’ll leave in the morning. Are you all sure you want to come along?” This was asked even though he already knew the answer by the sheer fact that the boys had run ahead of him, even Donny had perked up for this. Which left CeCe walking beside him.

When he turned to look at her, she had a small smile on her face as she watched the three young ones frolicking up ahead. “You have your answer, but yes I know I am sure. You’re not the only Felis around that has a past, I’m not some shrinking wallflower, I can take care of myself.” CeCe grabbed his arm and after hooking her arm with it gave it a squeeze.

Bo looked down into her eyes, wondering what her life had been like. He never really thought of her living anywhere but Cat’s Eye. He supposed it was because this is where he had met her. He had been struggling to stay alive the day he had entered the town, and it had been CeCe who had found him scrounging through the garbage for scraps to eat. He had no money and was fighting a lingering illness. He still believed if she hadn’t found him and nursed him, that he would have died that cold, bleak winter.

CeCe had brought him into her home and given him food and when she had discovered how ill he was, she had used her healer’s skills to help him fight the infection running virulent through his bloodstream. For the first time in his life, he had felt the touch of hands, not bent on cruelty but on nurturing. From that moment on his heart had been hers.

Not that he had ever let her know, the one time he had told a woman he loved her, she had spat in his face and cast him away. He honestly didn’t think that he would survive if CeCe didn’t share his feelings. So he chose to be friends, it was the safe place. This way he could be in her life and not fear for his heart being broken. He had never thought once of asking her about her life, because he was afraid if he did, then she would ask the same of him. And that was a past that he chose to forget.

CeCe felt the turmoil in Bo through the tension in his body. She had come to the point she could read him so easily, but yet in some ways he was still a total enigma to her. She would sometimes look up to catch him watching her with such a forlorn look on his face, that her heart would break. She wanted him to open up to her but after all these years, he still held back and for that, she held herself back also. She wanted him to completely trust her and she felt that by him not opening up, that he in some ways was being dishonest. What would it take to melt his heart of ice?

They had reached the cottages and the triplets as Bo like to refer to them, had begun pulling together supplies. a good rub down. Tomorrow we will try this again” He mumbled to the horse as he walked that way.

The night passed quickly in Bo’s opinion as he awoke to the sun just peaking over the horizon. The subdued shades of purple blended into pink and even further into a fiery red as the sun began its ascent into the morning sky. Bo sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stretched, a warning going off in his brain about red skies in the morning, but that was for sailing, wasn’t it? Not taking the time to dwell on it, he got up and made his way into the kitchen to find Dominic and Neko sitting at the table, a map in between them. The smell of coffee brewing on the fire drew him silently into the room.

“I think we should take the old trading road, it is the best known and there will be places along the way to stop and rest and replenish our supplies,” Neko said as Bo poured the first drops of wake up elixir into his mug.

“But it is a shorter distance to go overland, and it’s only a day and a half ride to the palace,” Dom stated as he turned to refresh his own mug. “Good morning big brother, what do you think, should we go overland or take the trade route?”

Bo came over and looked at the map of Cameria, ordinarily, he would have chosen overland but with CeCe and Donny riding along. He figured the trade route would be easier. He tapped the map with one white claw and spoke.  “We will take the trade route; it is the best route seeing as we have fellow travelers who are not as experienced at riding as we are. I also want to keep an ear out to the gossip along the road about the declaration of the Queen’s.”

Neko had been sitting, studying the map but looked up at Bo when he said that. “Why would you care for the gossip? Do you think there will be a lot of people heading for the palace to become these “seekers” the Queen has called for?” Neko stood from the table and stretched his long, lithe body in a way only a Felis could do, it was as if each muscle group stretched until he was twice as tall as he had begun. As he regained his former size, he went and grabbed a glass of water. “I know we won’t be the only ones, but do you think there will be a lot of groups going?”

Bo took the chair that Neko had vacated and thought for a moment, “I don’t know. All I know is that many people are going to be worried and that means they will begin to flock towards the palace and the safety of the Queen’s army. What I hope to hear is news of the prophecy, that I was going to look into before the declaration. Some of the other traveler’s may have heard of it.”

CeCe tapped on the door as she entered, I figured this is where I would find you, brother, have you packed everything you will need. I don’t want you griping because you forgot something because you were over here instead of getting ready to leave” she said as she walked over to Neko and gave him a gentle shove towards the door. “Now go finish so that we can get on the road.” Neko gave her a dirty look but went out the door.

“I am all ready, my things are out in the yard. Are we almost ready?” CeCe asked as she took the glass Neko had left and rinsed it out and put it on the drain board. “I have no idea why I am anxious to begin this journey, but I am”

Bo watched her go about the kitchen cleaning and organizing it before she then began in the living area just off the kitchen. Donny came stumbling in, casting a sideways glance at the fidgeting female. “Morning, is there any coffee left? I need something to get me woke up. I got all my stuff ready, just waiting on everyone and some go-go juice” Donny was reaching for a mug as Bo brought the pot over to pour him some. “Thanks, I really need this.” He took a big sip and purred his gratitude for the drink. “Why is Miss CeCe, cleaning our house, by the way?” he observed as he took another drink.

As his statement reached her, CeCe stopped and looked at what she was doing, she laughed while telling Donny “I have no idea why I am cleaning your house, Donald, just nervous I guess. It has been years since I have been out of Cat’s Eye and I guess I am more nervous than I thought.” CeCe made the effort to put the sofa pillows down that she had been rearranging. “I think I will go outside and wait, see you guys in a bit.” She walked timidly towards the door before walking out.

A little bit later found the whole gang out in the courtyard of the stable. Their horses were saddled and the supply mules loaded. Bo turned to study the group as they made their final checks on their tack. CeCe stood next to her charcoal-grey mare in blue leather pants with black boots up to her knees. She wore a light colored blue tunic that hung loosely down past her hips. Over the top of the tunic, she sported a matching leather vest the same color as her pants. From her belt, her small knife she used to cut herbs and such hung. She also carried a short sword, and for some reason, he had no doubt she knew how to use it.

His eyes then drifted to the twins, they were so alike yet so different. Both sported grey, black and white fur, the blazes of white found on their chest and faces. Dominic had white on both legs, and one arm, the other arm was the rich grey and black that made up the rest of his coloring. Today he had chosen to dress in tan buckskin and for once Donny wore the same. Each had a dark brown belt that carried their swords as well as their daggers, well the daggers you could see. Dom had chosen a cloak of soft heather blue while Donny’s was a deep crimson color. They had chosen twin sorrel geldings as their horses.

When Bo swept his gaze around he didn’t see Neko right away but then he came from inside his cottage, tucking something in one of the pouches attached to his belt. As usual, Neko wore deep royal blue, so dark it almost looked black and blended with his fur. The only color found on Neko was his eyes and the flash of his sword. He wore a black cape with just a whisper of white trim around the hood. Neko always had weapons hidden all over his body, which made him a formidable guardian. He rode his black stallion, and when the two were together they seemed to blend into one creature.

Bo gave the order to mount up and as he took to his own horse. He took the lead position with Donny riding beside CeCe and Neko and Dominic bringing up the rear.  As he led the gang through the city gates towards the trade road, he knew that this way going to be an interesting adventure, he just hoped that it would be a good adventure.

Note: This should catch up any new readers. Stay tuned. I post each Monday, the next installment. 
Also just want to let everyone know, that the pictures I use on this blog unless otherwise specified do not belong to me. You can find them on Pinterest or Pixabay if any are yours and you can provide proof, I will gladly give you credit or whatever you would like done.

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