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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Creating The Cat's Eye Chronicles.

Hello and welcome, My name is Rita and as you may have guessed I am a writer. I write under the name R. A. Buster. I created this blog to be a twin to my blog posted on my author's website titled "The Adventures of The Cat's Eye Gang". You will find the link to your right or below depending on what device you are viewing this from.

I created the Cat's Eye Gang based on the five cats that share the house where I live with my brother and his family. As you can imagine five cats can find numerous adventures to get into. It was in writing about those adventures that the concept of this story was born. As I continued to write the weekly adventure's, the concept slowly coalesced into the premise for The Cat's Eye Chronicles. 

My dreams begun to spin the adventure in my mind, when the dreams began to follow me into my waking world. I sat down and started creating the world of Cameria.  I used the personality traits that our real life cats have, to create the characters for the story. Funny, now when I look at each one, I not only see them but their fictional counterparts.

I decided to introduce people to my work, I would create this blog and continue to put up on my other blog; posts of the story as it is being written. A day in the life so to speak. You, the reader gets to read it as I write it. With all of it's mistakes, o.k. I will check spelling and grammar because my O.C.D won't let me go very far while writing, without going back and checking.

You will be with me until the very, well no, not the end. I have to leave you with some mystery. I will be posting up until the last two chapters. You, my intrepid readers will in essence, see what will be sent to my betas during the editing process. And I want your input along the way. I want to know what you think about the story, what you would change, if there is a favorite character, or a least favorite. I value my reader's opinion and by taking this journey together, I hope we become friends. 

So... Welcome to the world of Cameria, home of the Cat's Eye Gang.

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